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“A Screw Drive with a New Bit Concept that is a Class of its] own.” Assy 4 is a High-Precision screw with a drill tip that has more than 1400 dimensions and innovative Power in every functional area of the screw. This new and patented RW drive has fewer bit changes, greater stability, a better grip of the bit and is compatible with the existing AW drive. The range has the right screw for every application! Whether you are assembling cabinets or constructing a wooden deck, there is a perfect screw for you. The Assy 4 product range consists of 4 screws with an optimized head for the best performance ever! Each screw in the range is steel zinc plated, has an asymmetrical high-performance thread and a countersunk head with milling pockets to ensure there is no chipping in coated chipboards. We guarantee you more Power made for your Performance with ASSY 4.

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