We have introduced two new High-Quality manual staplers in our wood division. Our HT53 stapler is convenient, recoil-free, loads staples rapidly and has multiple incredible safety features. It is suitable for stapling fabrics, cardboard, plastic, etc. Secondly, our HT34 High-Performance manual stapler has an adjustable impact force and possesses less risk of unforeseen functional insufficiencies. It is suitable for stapling onto hard materials such as ceiling, cladding, insulation and much more.

M-Cube is a range of 18 V New Generation Power tools. This Exclusive range was co-created with You. We asked You what features you wanted in your favourite Tools and we developed our machines according to your preferences and needs. This new range is unique because it gives you Maximum Flexibility as the High-Performance batteries are Compatible and Interchangeable with all our M-Cube Power Tools!

It is a 70-piece assortment for perfect thread repair and reinforcement in steel, light metals, non-ferrous base metals, cast metals and hard plastics. It is ideal for repairing metric standard threads M5/M6/M8/M10/M12. It has highly resilient thread repair impermeable to media.

On average a vehicle loose about 20% refrigerant over a period of 2 years.

What an unprecedented year this has been. We at Wurth have seen our partnership with you...

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