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In December we introduced a new initiative in our arsenal of contact points to make it as convenient as possible for our customers to interact with us. This channel works alongside our website and online shop, a live stream video feed, our very first online digital selling stage. We started with a predominantly automotive product range and will cover the other industries in the months that lie ahead. It is amazing that we can use this platform to reach our customers in a time in which technology has been so key to our business.

One of the products that attracted the most attention on the day was our Thread Repair Systems. Wurth offers a wide range of Thread Repairing Systems to our Customers. We have a solution to suit our customers needs as well as the level of expertise and fitting our customers budgets.

Self-Cutting Inserts:
Self-Cutting Inserts is a basic solution to repairing a damaged thread. You do not need specialised tools or instruments to insert the system. All that is needed is a drill, a drill bit, two nuts, a bolt and spanner specific to the size of the thread being repaired as well as the self-cutting insert.

This is a more specialised form of the thread repair systems but can still be used by most technicians in the automotive industry. This system will require you to purchase the kit to install the inserts and works with a tap handle and not a drill. The set consist of your drill sert (Special drill for drilling out the remnants of broken screw threads), the thread cutter, the seat cutter (to ensure the insert sits flush and level), the insertion tool to screw in your time-sert and then your time-serts as well. The cost of the set can easily be off-set by charging your time to your customers as you would do for any work completed. It is well worth the investment!

The repair systems are available from your Customer Service Consultant, online or at one of our shops. They are available in an array of different sizes so you will be able to repair most sizes that are common in your industry.

We are really excited to improve on our first attempt at this live selling stage and look forward to hosting many more of our customers in their specific industry. Look out for your invite in the coming months with some amazing promotions that will be available on the day.
Thread Repair Systems
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