Inspired by YOU! Created by Wurth!

The New Generation of Cordless Power Tools.

If we asked you what tools you needed to inspire you, what would you say? Well… We did and you answered!

We asked you what features you wanted in your favourite tools, and we developed our machines according to your preferences and needs. Now the time has come for you to pick your power!

Our new generation 18V M-Cube range gives you maximum flexibility with our high-performance batteries, which are compatible and interchangeable with all our M-Cube power tools. Our compact cordless hammer drill makes precise and fast working manageable without leaving you fatigued, even in the case of exceedingly hard application.

In the M-Cube Range, you can also get a powerful all-rounder that never lets you down, our brushless compact cordless drill. It is exceptional for drilling and medium-duty screwing applications. Safety is our number one priority for our customers, and we ensure that our tools are designed with numerous health and safety features. Our compact grinder has a durable, high-performance motor with multiple safety functions.

Lastly, our exclusive range includes a 18l compact vacuum cleaner suitable for assembly work and vehicle interiors with optimal comfort and guarantees a 99% efficiency of dust collection. You can also add a cordless dust extraction in your package, perfect for vacuuming drilling dust when using the hammer drill.

We promise you full power and full service with our new range of high-performance cordless tools. Pick your power, choose your tool and choose your battery today! 

We have put together a Product Demonstration video to show you how our New Generation Power Tools Perform! Take a look at how all our Tools keep up even in Tough applications and won’t let you down. Get Ready to be blown away by the Safety Features of our Premium Tools.
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